How do I avoid clumps when applying my mascara?
With these fabulous tips, you will flaunt more voluminous and defined lashes without ever having to worry about clumps again. SEE IMAGE
How can I avoid undesired shine on my nose and forehead when wearing makeup?
To avoid undesired shine on your skin, the best recommendation is to follow an overall facial care routine appropriately catered to your skin type. Undesired shine appears in mixed-type or oily skin. The Essential line from L’Bel, has ideal cleansers and toner lotions to maintain your face looking clean, fresh and less oily. Also, L´Bel features a Shine Control Compact Powder that has a natural matte finish and leaves your skin flawless and free of extra shine during the day.
What is the best way to keep your eyebrows perfectly groomed?
Having perfect eyebrows is not an easy task, but if you use the right tools and follow the practical tips included in the Perfecting Set for Eyes and Brows by L’Bel, it will all seem easy. SEE IMAGE
How do I clean my face?
Using the tips of your fingers, apply the cleanser with soft upward circular motions in the neck and in the face. Then, softly apply it in the forehead from the center to the sides of your face. Remember to massage lightly without any pressure. Remove it with a soft tissue paper, cotton or water, depending on the product you are using. L’Bel showcases the Essential line, magnificent daily facial care products, designed to cater all skin types. The cleanser should be used during the morning and night hours. Keep in mind, that a clean skin free of impurities is more receptive to work better in the coming step. WATCH VIDEO
Is it really important to take your makeup off before going to sleep?
Sleeping with your makeup on obstructs the skin’s natural regeneration process and accelerates aging. If you keep the impurities in your skin, it can cause irritation, blemishes and even blackheads that will make your skin look less luminous. Removing the makeup off your face is extremely important, not only because it cleanses the skin from all impurities, but helps it breath eliminating dead skin cells, excess of grease and undesired environmental residues that may accumulate during the day. The Essential Makeup Remover from L’Bel is the ideal way to remove makeup in a fast and easy way. When should I apply my perfume, before or after getting dressed? We recommend applying the perfume on your skin, especially in the zones where veins appear exposed. Wrists, neck, behind the ears etc., are areas of the body that enhance the scent of your perfume and blend perfectly well with the natural scent of your skin making the aroma of your perfume last even longer.
• Why do perfumes change and smell differently in different people?
Every person has a unique personal essence, hence when a fragrance blends with the natural smell of your skin a unique and personalized scent is born.
Should I hydrate my skin daily?
Yes. Your body’s skin is constantly exposed to different factors that may produce extra dryness. Give your skin the perfect care it needs, moisturizing it daily after the shower with Hydra Calme by L’Bel.
How do I apply the toner lotion?
Toning up the skin is a very important step in your daily cleansing routine. It gently removes dead skin cells that are prone to accumulate during the day and night. Use the Essential line toner lotions by L’Bel, first choose your skin type and apply them during the morning hours and also at night.
Can I eliminate the dark spots on my facial skin?
Facial dark spots are very common and are caused by hormonal changes, sun exposure, and bad nutrition, amongst other factors. The good news is that they are cosmetic products that help safely renew the cells of the skin’s outer layer for a smoother appearance. L’Bel features its Dermo Clarité line, a clarifying and moisturizing treatment that helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and evens out the skin tone in only 14 days.
Can I use body lotions on my face?
No. Facial skin is way thinner and much more delicate than your body´s skin. It is also less firm; therefore it requires a special texture specifically formulated for the face. Body lotions are dense and could damage your facial skin.
What is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?
The main function of a deodorant is to perfume the area where it is applied. On the other hand, antiperspirant covers skin pores, avoiding excessive perspiration. L’Bel has two types of antiperspirants in its Dry Effect line; they come in aerosol and roll-on.
Why should I take care of my skin during the night?
The behavior of your skin varies depending on the time of day. During the night your cell multiplication is activated. That is why this is the ideal moment to protect your skin . A good option for your skin is Nocturne Serum L ' Bel .