How do I get in touch with a Beauty Advisor in my area?
Fill out the “Contact Us” form with your information and we will connect you with one of our Beauty Advisors close to your area

How long do I wait to be contacted?
Once you submit your information, a Beauty Advisor will contact you within 24-48 business hours.

Do I need to register as Beauty Advisor to purchase products?
Maybe this is not the right moment for you to register with Belcorp as Beauty Advisor; but you can enjoy our products by simply creating a customer account when you make your purchase.

How do I register as New Beauty Advisor?
Simply click on “Join Now” and follow the steps to enroll as New Beauty Advisor. You will be answering some personal questions.

Do I need SSN or ITIN to register as Beauty Advisor?
Yes, we are required by law to obtain this information for tax purposes.

Do I need an email address to register as Beauty Advisor or Customer?
Yes, a unique email address is required to create an account. This is the way how special promotions are communicated. As Beauty Advisors you will receive notifications of payments, special promotion, order status, events via email as well.

Do I have to purchase a Kit to enroll?
Yes, we have 2 Starter Kits to select from: An Expert Kit for $250 and A Basic Kit for $50 (taxes & shipping apply).

What is included in the Starter Kits?
Go to , click in the “Our Opportunity” section to see our Starter Kits

What are the benefits of becoming a Beauty Advisor?
Receive up to 50% discount
Earn bonuses on your personal volume
Enjoy trips to exotic locations

Once I register as Beauty Advisor or Customer, if I forgot my password, what should I do?
Go to , click on “Log in” at the top right corner, go to the section for “Returning customers and Beauty Advisors”, and click on “Forgot your password?” enter your username and click “submit”. A Link to reset your password will be sent to your email. 
If you don’t recall your username, contact customer service team at 1.800.992.LBEL (5235) to re-set it.

Once I register as Beauty Advisor, where do I manage my business?
Go to , click on “My Belcorp” at the top of the main navigation menu


As a Beauty Advisor, Do I have a minimum purchase?
You can place one or several orders during the campaign (calendar month), as long as the cumulative volume for the campaign is 150 or more you can receive up to 50% discount on your personal and customer’s orders.

Do I have to pay upfront?
Yes, all transactions with Belcorp require you to pay upfront; we accept VISA, MC and AMEX. You can split the payment in 2 or more cards.

Can I change an order once is submitted?
Unfortunately, once an order has been placed and submitted, we are unable to update any of the order information such as shipping address, name, payments or adding/remove additional items. You may cancel your order and obtain a refund before it gets sent to our warehouse, normally within 15 minutes of placing it if it is with the status of “Paid”. Fees may apply to cancel an order once has been processed or shipped.

Can I place an order over the phone?
Yes, you certainly can place an order over the phone, calling our Customer Service team at: 1.800.992.LBEL (5235).  Have your order ready with product codes, quantities and the CC information; however, we encourage you to place it by yourself online to personally review it before is submitted.

How Can I track the status of my order?
Go to , click on “Log in” at the top right corner, and go to the section for “Returning customers and Beauty Advisors” login with your username and password, then click on “My Account” at the top right corner and you will see your recent orders.

What is the carrier used to ship orders?
Our shipping carrier is FEDEX

Can I ship orders outside of USA?
No, we can’t. An order can be shipped within United States. Puerto Rico is not included.

Do you ship order to a PO Box address?
No, we don’t ship orders to PO Boxes, a physical address is required.


Can I purchase L’Bel products in a Store?
No, in BELCORP USA, our products can be purchased online or through an Independent Beauty Advisor.

What happen if a product is “sold out”, do I get a Back Order once is back in stock?
No, our product statement is until supply last, we don’t carry back orders.

Do you sell Esika & Cy-Zone in Belcorp USA?
No, at this moment, we sell the brand L’Bel.  In the future, we will introduce those brands in the US market.

Why a product gets discontinued?
Belcorp is in continuing research and innovation of its product portfolio; a reason to discontinue an item may vary: change of packaging, innovation on the ingredients or due to popularity.

If I live in the state of California, why can’t I buy compact powders?
Under Proposition 65, we are required by law to stop the promotion and selling of compact powders from our makeup line in the state of CA. For more information about this law, you can visit